Welcome to 'EQC Opt-Out' from Character Homes..

Long before the Canterbury earthquakes began in 2010, Character Homes Ltd already had an established company, specialising in “Sympathetic restoration” of old homes.

We are proud of our history of satisfied customers and a reputation for professional and efficient project management in the building industry.

Because of our significant experience with this kind of work we understand the delicate balance of managing a building site within your family home and we are well equipped to manage your earthquake repairs on your behalf.

And so for all your EQC work we recommend you Opt Out.

Please call me and let’s discuss the nagging questions:

 -    Isn’t it risky?

 -    Who will pay the insurance excess?

 -    Who provides Builder Risk Insurance?

 -    Am I covered for any additional damage?

 -    Can we do other work at the same time?

You see, despite what you might have heard, the Opt Out repair process is really quite straightforward and secure. And under Character Homes’ careful management, we simply work through the details and execute your repairs in a friendly and professional manner, allowing you and your family to get on with your life again.

Opt Out with Character Homes.

 Phone 3555 638